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TomTom Replacement Battery Model no: KM1
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Warranty: 30 Day Warranty
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Rating: 3.7v  720 mAh ( 2.66Wh)


Replacement Battery Model no: KM1

Battery lifetime: Up to 2 hours autonomous operation

Battery Warranty: 1 Year

When you purchase a battery the best way to do it is by model no:

To check if is the right battery for you please open your device and check the model no written on the battery this must match the one in the description, if you are not sure that is the right one for you please write us and we will be happy to guide you.

Tips and advice:

To extend the battery life of your navigation device, there are some settings you can change.
For example, when using your device away from your car, reducing the screen brightness and volume may significantly extend battery life.

Screen brightness: 50%

Volume: 30%

Battery saving preferences: ON

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