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SMD GOLD MICRO SWITCH Push Button Tactile Switch 4x4x1.5mm
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SMD GOLD MICRO SWITCH Push Button Tactile Switch 4x4x1.5mm

Tactile Switches or tact switches are an on/off electronic switch that is only on when there is some pressure put on it or when the button is pressed. As soon as the tactile switch button is released and the pressure has been taken off, the circuit is then broken. Tact switches work with user interaction with the button or switch when it makes contact with the control panel beneath, most cases this is usually a printed circuit board (PCB)
Tact switches are an electromechanical switch for:-
• Keyboards
• Keypads
• Instruments
• Interface control panel applications
There are many types of electric tactile switches available and these are:-
• Standard Types
• Illuminated Types
• Key Fobs
• Key Tops
• Surface Mount Types

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